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This is a critical announcement from Kaiba Corporation, earlier today our official ygopro website was compromised, the hackers responsible were able to force download a malicious file disguised as an update to some users who visited our website today. Most antivirus programs were able to detect and immediately remove this file.

If you visited our website today and you don’t have an antivirus, please install a trusted antivirus and scan your computer to ensure you weren’t one of the users affected. Please note that this only applies to users who visited the website, others who were only playing the game were not affected. On a side note we don’t store any personal data on our servers and as such no data can be stolen from us, all donations are processed entirely through PayPal.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused anyone, over the last 6 months we have seen a drastic increase in attacks against our game and other Yu-Gi-Oh! related property, this includes anything from legal attacks by copyright trolls all the way to spammers, daily DDOS attacks and increasingly sophisticated hacking attempts.

Our website has been restored however I would like to ask everyone to wait 24 hours before accessing it again, if you already have the game installed on your computer then you can log in and continue playing. We were able to identify how the hackers hijacked the website and have closed this security hole. If the game asks you to visit the ygopro website then please close the game and wait 30 minutes before trying to log in again, we will be making some changes thought the day to prevent other types of attacks in the future and it might result in some brief downtime.

We have received tremendous support from the Yu-Gi-Oh! community, both in the form of donations and the users offering to help us improve the game. We already purchased DDOS protection earlier this month however we will be upgrading the servers later this week in order to fix the lag and crashing that sometimes occurs during peak hours. All relevant information about any hacking attempts is forwarded to the proper authorities.

The beta testing for link summoning is nearly over, we are planning to release an update next week that will fix the majority of bugs currently present in the game, new link monsters will be added, match dueling will be enabled once again. New ranking season will start once the new banlist comes out.

Lastly I would like to go over a few frequently asked questions:

1.) How do I stay safe in your game?

– You should follow the same guidelines as for all other websites and games: make sure your operating system, web browsers and antivirus are up to date. Do not click on any links sent by unknown users, if you believe a link is malicious then report it immediately. When visiting our website make sure you are visiting the correct ygopro website and always check that there is a green padlock right before the domain name once the page loads, it should look like this in Google Chrome.

2.) How do I report suspicious users and activity?

– You can report it by messaging an in-game staff member, they will appear as blue, green, red, purple or brown in the user list, you can also report through our in game ticket system (Home > Conclave > Help) and on our official ygopro forum.

3.) I am a programmer/image designer/video editor and I wish to help you, where do I apply?

– You can apply on our ygopro forums, your forum account is automatically created the first time you log into the game, you will not be able to create a new account through the forum website.

Thank you all for your time and once again we apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused everyone, please remember that this is a non profit game and that we are doing this as a hobby, the donations are mostly used to pay for hosting and other expenses that come with running a game like this, these attacks frustrate us as much as they frustrate you, we would much rather spend this time designing and programming new features. If you are unsure how to check your computer for viruses message us in-game or post on our forum and we will assist you in any way we can!

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